5 great ways to go towards YOUR dream life

I have always thought I'm lucky because I have always had the chance to have hobbies I like and study areas I have wanted to. On last spring, I received my diploma after four years of design studies, I felt good about myself because something was done again. At the same time, it felt a little bit difficult because I really didn't know what I wanted to do for a living and general in life. Life's downs and bereavements has made me think about how short is this time that we spend on Earth. I don't believe that life should be perfect but the life you're living could be your dream life. And that's what makes everything meaningful. Why settle for ok when you can achieve and do anything in your life?

This year has been a little bit of roller-coaster for me but in the end, I tip hat to myself because I have achieved many dreams during this year and managed to survive from difficult situations. And thinking about how I have managed to success is that I have started to think about my life. Do I want to live life other people expect me to live or do I want to live life where I turn my dreams into reality? I thought about sharing a few tips below which has helped me to go towards my dream life.


Olen pitänyt itseäni onnekkaana, koska olen aina saanut esimerkiksi harrastaa ja opiskella niitä asioita, joita olen halunnut. Kun keväällä sain muotoilijan tutkintotodistuksen käteeni, tuntui hienolta, että taas yksi etappi on takana, mutta samaan aikaan tuntui vaikealta, koska en tiennyt mitä oikeasti sitten haluaisin tehdä – elääkseni ja yleisesti ottaen elämässä. Elämän kolhut ja menetykset ovat pistäneet miettimään kuinka lyhyt tämä maapallon päällä vietetty aika oikeasti on. En usko, että elämän pitäisi olla täydellistä, mutta se elämä mitä elää, voi olla silti omaa unelmaelämää. Sillä se tekee tästä lyhyestä ajasta merkityksellistä. Miksi tyytyä vähempään, jos oikeasti voi saada enemmän?

Kulunut vuosi on ollut itselläni hieman vuoristorataa, mutta nyt vuoden lopussa olen nostanut itselleni hattua, koska oikeastaan olen saavuttanut tänä vuonna monta unelmaa ja selvinnyt hieman hankalistakin asioista. Ja se miten olen niissä onnistunut, johtuu siitä, että olen ruvennut miettimään, haluanko elää elämää, jota minulta odotetaan vai elänkö elämää, jossa elän omat unelmani todeksi. Ajattelin jakaa alla muutaman vinkin, joiden avulla olen itse tietoisesti mennyt omaa unelmaelämääni kohti.

1. Visualize your dream life As a visual person, I love doing all sorts of mind maps, goal maps and dream plans, because those works for me. I often imagine what kind of life I live now and what kind of life I would like to live. Where would I live, with whom, what would I do for living, what hobbies would I have and so on. Although visualization and self-awareness helps to go forward, nothing happens without acting and hard work.

2. Set goals and make them visible Always write down your goals, dreams and plans. Write them to a booklet, phone's notebook, blog or make a goal map. There are many alternatives, but to me best tools are goal maps and motivational work books because by using those I motivate myself to do things. For example I used goal maps to creae this blog, to live healthier and o do more things I love to do. At the moment, I have my calendar and dream year -work book because I'm going to make 2018 my best year so far. At least if I decide so and start to work for it.

3. Study and train

If someone would have asked me for a while ago what is my profession or what I do for living, I would probably just have said "I'm designer." For now, I could say that I'm designer, web designer, self-employed, blogger, part-time cleaner and soon I'll be studying nature-based tourism... Sometimes it's a little bit funny when people think I have some kind of "extra time" because I don't have 9-5 job but instead I may work on my laptop from 7 am to 23 pm doing my blog, creating web sites or something else work. The reason why I'm doing these is that I want to do work that is meaningful to me.

Because I have been interested in becoming entrepreneur I went to entrepreneur training. After I received my report two days ago, it gave me more belief and motivation to become entrepreneur. And because I love nature and traveling from the bottom of my heart I decided to start study nature-based tourism. So, after spring 2019 I will have degree in tourism too.

Would you rather do one job you're not passionate about or would you have few jobs because you have so many interests and things you love to do? Oh, by the way, some day in the future I want to study Spanish or psychology in university but let them be still somewhere in the future.

4. Do more of what makes you happy

I enjoy doing so many things such as traveling, dancing, listening Latin music, do creative things, web design, blogging, photography, spending time at summer cottages, nature, learning Spanish, self-development and list could just go on and on. I think the biggest relevance in life comes when you do things that genuinely makes you happy. And the greatest thing is that if you're able to make living out of it. To me it means living a dream life.

5. Positive mindset believe in you

Has anyone ever achieved anything with a negative attitude? With an interest in psychology I know how unique the whole human mind is. There are constantly different ideas and thoughts in our brain. Positive thoughts contribute the flow to creativity and new ideas, but negative thoughts only cause problems and makes you want to give up. So why spend time on negativity that will not lead to anything? The pessimist may not be disappointed, but an optimistic realist will achieve much more.