Cafés, culture, concert and concentration camps in Kraków

Lately I haven't written anything related to traveling, so I thought it's a good time now. Unfortunately, this year there are no more trips, although I would have wanted to go somewhere in Europe before Christmas. I just love Christmas markets and old towns. Luckily, we have Christmas markets here in Turku, but it is always fun to go somewhere new. We traveled to Kraków on last December so I thought it would be nice to tell something about it. Maybe I'll travel back to Poland sooner or later, who knows. Because at least Kraków was lovely!

En ole vähään aikaan kirjoittanut mitään reissuihin liittyvää, joten ajattelin, että nyt olisi hyvä aika. Valitettavasti tänä vuonna ei ole enää tiedossa reissuja minnekään, vaikka kovasti olisin halunnut lähteä jonnekin päin Eurooppaa ennen joulua. Mä vaan niin tykkään joulumarkkinoista ja vanhoista kaupungeista. Onneksi täällä Turussa sentään on joulumarkkinat, mutta aina olisi kiva lähteä jonnekin uuteen paikkaan. Käytiin viime vuoden joulukuussa Krakovassa, joten ajattelin, että siitä olisi kiva kertoa jotain. Ehkä Puolaan tulee vielä palattua ennemmin tai myöhemmin, ken tietää. Krakova ainakin oli ihana!

Kraków, or actually the Old Town and centre area, were very beautiful places with lots of amazing architecture and history. Our hotel was located a few kilometers from the center. The distance from our hotel to the center reminded me of the dreary districts which we have here in my hometown. The public transport didn't cost much, but as we both love long walks, we walked everywhere. It was nice to see other areas than just the centre.

We went all around the Old Town and its Christmas markets, we admired the beautiful architecture and the Christmas atmosphere of the city. Lights, music, songs, stalls, souvenirs, beautiful hand crafts and food. The landscape became rougher when we walked towards to Jewish district Kazimierz. Kazimierz seemed very bohemian and interesting, so I should have been explored it a bit more. Earlier in the morning one local guy offered a car tour around Kraków but his appearance was a bit weird so it felt better to skip the tour he offered.

We spent the first day by walking around different areas and during the evening we decided to go somewhere warm. We found the coziest café ever, Café Camelot. I could say we went there probably every day because inside it was so atmospheric and bohemian. Hot drinks, cakes, toasts and creamy salmon pasta were the best I have ever ate. I don't know if the café is popular in general but to me this seemed like a hidden treasure. I recommend!