Speaking of dreams - dare to do what you love

Last weekend I visited Skilled Woman -fair in Turku and I was looking for few things to hear about with excitement. Talk about courage, doing things that are meaningful to you, your strengths, dreams and how to achieve them. One speaker was entrepreneur Jaana Villanen, whose story is very inspiring. I admire when people do what they want to do, they have courage to do it and at the same time they have an opportunity to help others. Villanen shared her thoughts and tips about how to have courage do those things that are important to you.

Everything starts that you have your own calling and you visualize your dream. As I have said earlier, I do a lot of goal maps, dream maps and lists, which are very good for a systematic and visual person like I am. Visualization helps you to become more aware about your dream and being aware helps you to start acting. Planning is important, but don't prolong doing things like "I will do it when I have time, I will do it when I don't have other goings, I will do it when I can afford." Try to separate real reasons and excuses. Prioritize tasks. Start to act step by step, because even small step is taking you forward.

Sometimes it is good to say your dream aloud – for yourself or somebody else, but think about whom you tell it. In the best case you'll have support, help, credit and more boost for what you do. But in worse case you can face doubts, envy or critique which can affect to you in a negative way. In the other hand, positive person turns critique to motivation. Success is the best revenge, right? I have also noticed that because of this blog I have done more work for my dreams so writing is also a very good thing.

Negative thinking takes away a lot of energy, so if you have negative thoughts, try to turn them into positive. "I'm too tired = I'm tired because I worked so hard " or "I failed this so badly = I failed but I'll do better next time." Also, you should remember that failing is part of the process. Have courage to face your fears if something is really important to you. Courage is not that you're not afraid of anything but it is that you don't let your fear stop you. See challenges as opportunities.

This speech was very motivational because I think it is brave to do what is important to you cause it makes everything more meaningful. Whether it was a dream job, dream hobby or dream life. It is okay to settle for okay, but I want to create what sets my heart on fire. I have recently started a new training and now I hope to have more information, tools and courage to work for where I know I am good at, where I want to develop my skills and where I can express myself.