10 things I do/use to achieve my goals

This is one of my favorite topics. Personal dreams and goals! We all have them and they can relate to anything, they can be easily achievable or take many years. I talk about dreams a lot with my friends and family but many times we think "I don't know how", "I don't have time now", "I'm always working" or "maybe when I have more money". It's not always easy but if you really want something, you can always take small steps towards it. Achieving one's dreams and goals requires different things and I'm gonna share 10 things I use and do to get closer to my goals.

Tämä aihe on mun ehdoton suosikki. Henkilökohtaiset unelmat ja tavoitteet. Meillä kaikilla on niitä ja ne voivat liittyä ihan mihin tahansa. ne voivat olla helposti saavutettavassi tai kestää useamman vuoden. Puhun paljon unelmista perheeni ja kavereideni kanssa, mutta monesti me ajatellaan, että "en tiedä miten", "mulla ei oo aikaa nyt", "mä oon aina töissä" tai "ehkä sitten ku mulla on enemmän rahaa". Aina se ei olekaan helppoa, mutta jos jotain oikeasti haluaa, voi aina ottaa muutaman pienen askeleen eteenpäin. Omien unelmien ja tavoitteiden saavuttaminen vaatii erilaisia asioita ja kerron 10 tapaa, joita itse käytän ja teen päästäkseni lähemmäs tavoitteitani.

So I...

1. Dream

We all have dreams and goals. They can be small or life-long but yet equally meaningful. We dream about owning a nice house, being healthy, having kids, having time for hobbies, having a nice job and good salary, traveling, studying, having money to do things and being good at something. Those were some universal goals but they are can be very personal to everyone. Someone wants to buy a small cottage while another wants to live in a big modern house. Or someone wants to travel to Greece for one week to relax while another is planning trip to Asia for 3 months. I love quote "After all, dreaming is a form of planning" because even though some of our dreams might be big, we can always dream about them, be aware of them and start to go for it.

2. Wake up early

I wake up early because I love slow mornings. I like to prepare a good breakfast, read my e-mails and put marks on my calendar. I'm more productive when I know that I have time to