Turn your favorite photo into a unique piece of digital art for yourself or your friend. Illustrations are done in a simplified minimal style, still showcasing the essential details. Give as a gift, make a podcast cover image or a logo. Different variations can also be made from the images.

The prices of the images in the portfolio are indicative. Send your wishes and a high-quality image to for a more specific price estimate, which is affected by, for example, the number of people / text to be illustrated. The price estimate is not binding on anything.

The price of a digital work / logo / portrait consists of the time spent on the work, from design to implementation, professional skills accumulated over the years, the use of tools and other mandatory costs.


Thank you for supporting young Finnish designer! 💜

Wedding photo

Wedding photo

100 e

Logo design for dance duo

Logo design for dance duo

200 e

Just for fun

Robin Packalen
Brinn Nicole
Tia-Maria "Tinze" Sokka